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NHC Advocate Course

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Course Description

The objective of this online course is to educate equestrians on the various opportunities that Natural Horse Care offers to the horse.

The NHC Advocate Course offers a strong, theoretical foundation on the principles and practices of Natural Horse Care by explaining the history, science and mechanics behind NHC. Currently this course is divided into 4 separate chapters with a total of 18 lessons.

By completing this course you will learn to understand the true meaning of Natural Horse & Hoof Care and what you can do to improve the life of your horse.

  • Principle Theories of Evolution and Adaptation
  • Morphology, Characteristics and Natural Diameters of the Feral Hoof
  • Locomotive Behaviors of the Feral Horse
  • Preventing Laminitis through Diet & Lifestyle
  • Paddock Paradise, Natural Hoof Care & Horsemanship

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